6 Aerial Video Of UEFA Euro 2016 Stadiums

6 aerial video of uefa euro 2016 stadiums

We bring you 6 great aerial video of UEFA Euro 2016 stadiums, used for the matches of the European Championship in France.

Semifinals are coming and will bring to an end the largest UEFA Euro championship ever played, with 51 games staged at 10 locations throughout all of France.

It has been an exciting tournament with some surprising outsiders such as Iceland achieving a place in the quarter-finals and Wales making it through to the semi-finals.

There were new stadiums built in Lille, Bordeaux, Lyon and Nice and a large renovation was undertaken of Marseille’s Stade Velodrome.

We went looking for some aerial video of the stadiums to be used for the last few games:

Aerial Video Of Stade de Lyon, Lyon

Construction of the 59,000 capacity Stade de Lyon only began in 2013. Its first game was played in January 2016.

It has quite a distinctive outline with its massive roof which overhangs the stadium like a giant umbrella. 4 group matches were held here along with one last 16 match on 26th June.

The semi-final between Wales and Portugal will be held here on 6th July 2016.

The Stade de Lyon stadium is called Stade des Lumières by the people of Lyon. There is a festival held in Lyon every year on 8 December called the Festival of Lights (la Fête des lumières), a celebration of thanks to Mary mother of Jesus, who purportedly saved the city from a deadly plague in the Middle Ages. So the Stadium could be named for this festival or it could be named for the Lumiere Brothers who famously pioneered cinema in the city in 1895.

Aerial Video of Stade Velodrome, Marseille

Following France’s winning bid for UEFA Euro 2016, Marseille announced in June 2010 that the stadium would be renovated by adding a roof and an increase in capacity up to 67,000 to make it a UEFA Elite Stadium.

Work was completed on the stadium in 2014. The new roof protects fans from the powerful mistral winds of Provence.

Being one of the largest stadiums in France, Marseille has held 4 group games of the European Championship 2016 plus a quarter-final on 30th June 2016. It will host the 2nd semi-final between host country France and Germany on July 7th.

Some aerial shots of the stadium and Marseille have been used in this great video which highlights Marseille’s attractions:

Aerial Video of Stade de France, Paris

Drone au Stade de France essai pour TF1. from FREEWAY PROD on Vimeo.

The Stade de France was build for the World Cup held in 1998 in France.

It then became the home of France’s national soccer and rugby union sides. The Stade de France has hosted the Soccer World Cup Final in 1998 and the Rugby Union World Cup Final in 2007.

Like many stadiums build in the last few decades, it has a roof over it which has a cool elliptical shape. This roof appears to float above the stadium. In November 2015 it was the venue for a friendly game between France and Germany when three suicide bombers having failed to gain entrance to the match, detonated devices outside the stadium. This attach led to enhanced security at all the Euro 2016 venues.

The Stade de France was used for 6 matches of the Ueaf Euro 2016 championship.

The final of the UEFA Euro 2016 will be held there on Sunday 10th July.

Aerials of All 10 Stadiums Used in UEFA EURO 2016

Finally a compilation of all 10 stadiums used the UEFA EURO 2016 from YouTuber Football is a Passion. Lots of aerial shots in this video, enjoy!

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