DJI Focus Lets You Adjust Your Drone Camera From the Ground

DJI Focus

DJI Focus gives professional cinematographers or directors the ability to tweak aperture and focus of their drone camera from the ground.

At long last DJI unveils Focus.

Why another piece of kit? The DJI Focus Remote Controller has the ability to remotely control the aperture and focus of the Zenmuse X5 Series Camera when connected to the Inspire Remote Controller.

It has an OLED screen as well as Navigation buttons, Quick Focus buttons, Focus Wheel, System Status Indicator, Stiffness Control, and Communications Port.

Who will use the DJI Focus?

We would say that professional cinematographers and directors will instantly find the DJI Focus appealing as it gives them the ability to tweak aperture and focus from the ground, giving them total control and the ability to create awesome shots.

In situations where an aerial crew might be working in high pressure circumstances, there are many advantages for the director of photography to have a DJI Focus Remote Controller in their hands.

The DJI Focus relies on brushless motors for accuracy. When you turn the remote, it is just like turning the lens itself as there is only ±0.02° variance in accuracy between the remote and the lens.

DJI Focus has high torque and fast reaction, so your subject is always in focus no matter how it moves.

Let’s check DJI Focus’s features:

DJI Focus Features

  1. Solid Wireless Transmission
  2. Adjustable Endpoints
  3. Customizable Focus Wheel
  4. Removable Marking Ring
  5. Programmable and Customizable
  6. X5 and X5R Compatible
  7. Ronin & Ronin-M Support
  8. Dual Communications Ports
  9. Rosette Mount
  10. Rechargeable Battery
  11. What is Included
  12. DJI Focus Cost

1. Solid Wireless Transmission

When the Focus remote control is attached to an Inspire carrying either of the Zenmuse X5 or X5R, it connects directly to the Inspire remote for distances of up to 100m with only 14ms of lag in open spaces.

This gives you unparalleled seamless camera control across your full flight range.

2. Adjustable Endpoints


For those of you who have used cinema lenses you know they feature built-in hard stops, but normal photography lenses don’t.

With the DJI Focus you can tune the lens to match the end-points of any lens you want to use.

Because DJI Focus uses brushless motor technology, its processor knows which position the motor is in, letting you set up in seconds by simply turning the lens to its furthest point on one end and marking it and then turning it counter to the first time, fully in the opposite direction and marking it at the other end.

3. Customizable Focus Wheel


Are you used to a particular focus wheel? Well DJI Focus wheel is customizable so you can set it to feel right for you.

Simply turn the control knob until it reaches the point where you feel comfortable with it.

4. Removable Marking Ring


Ok, we know how you work and so does DJI!

They have included a white marking ring around the focus dial that can be swapped out and customized using anything from a crayon to masking tape for different lenses and projects.

The ring has a light behind it so that markings are illuminated and visible even in low light.

5. Programmable and Customizable


You can fine-tune and customize how the Focus works for you by using the OLED display menu on the remote.

The OLED display menu allows you to set multiple focus points, along with the speed the camera racks between these focus points.

This means you can generate many complex moves but they end up repeatable. Great on a set with lots of takes.

6. X5 and X5R Compatible


The DJI Focus is fully compatible with the DJI Zenmuse X5 and the X5R cameras. This ensures full control of your X5 or X5R camera focus in the air.

Once connected to the Inspire remote, control of the Zenmuse camera is transmitted through Lightbridge providing control up to 5km.

7. Ronin & Ronin-M Support

Using the DJI Focus with either a DJI Ronin or Ronin-M means you can pull focus from all around the set wirelessly, adding new depth to your Ronin footage.

8. Dual Communications Ports


To allow for future technology developments and improvements, the DJI Focus has two communications ports built-in.

DJI hopes that through these ports they will be able to expand the Focus with even more capabilities.

9. Rosette Mount


Other accessories can be connected to the Focus or you can connect it to other pieces of your equipment through its built-in rosette mount. The rosette mount helps the Focus attach securely.

10. Rechargeable Battery


There is a long-lasting single cell battery included with the Focus and this should last throughout your shoot.

If it runs out, the battery is easy to swap out. It can be charged while you are on the move from a power pack through its USB recharging port.

11. What is Included


The DJI Focus pack includes:

  • Handheld Remote Follow Focus Remote Controller
  • Focus Motor
  • Neck Strap
  • Additional Focus Marking Rings
  • 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm Lens Gear Rings
  • Accompanying cables. Short Motor-power Cable, Long Motor-power Cable, Data Cable, Micro-USB Cable
  • Padded, Waterproof Case

12. DJI Focus Cost

The DJI Focus is currently priced at USD $1,999.00 / AUD $3,399.00 / £1,629.00 /€2,199.00 with free shipping when bought on the official DJI website.

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