FlytOS: Operating System for Commercial Drones Now Open for Developers

Drones are beginning to play an increasingly important role in a variety of commercial applications, such as: agriculture, surveys, inspections and delivery. As these applications become increasingly complex, access to common building blocks that can be easily customized for each use-case becomes critical. NavStik Labs, based in Pune, India, is building an open platform to enable commercial drone makers to quickly build powerful, custom drone solutions for various industry verticals.

Flyt, NavStik’s open platform, consists of FlytOS, an Android-like operating system, designed for commercial drones. Developers can exploit rich-APIs for navigation, payload-management, swarms, computer-vision, system-configuration, collision-avoidance, etc., to build custom applications for any drone use-case, such as surveys, agriculture and delivery. The SDKs for Web, Android and iOS can be utilised for providing custom user-interface on web or a mobile device. The built-in 3D simulator allows developers to test their applications, including Android and iOS apps for drones, before deployment on real hardware.

FlytOS runs on FlytPOD (the electronics hardware), one of the most advanced flight computers available in the market today, with inertial navigation sensors, barometer, GPS, and a powerful 2 GHz octa-core processor for demanding algorithms, such as computer vision, collision avoidance, and integration with a variety of payloads. FlytPOD has been designed for reliability (redundant sensors) and extreme performance. It offers easy integration with various cameras, and other sensors, that are essential for capturing high-quality data from the drone platform. The data can be automatically geo-referenced and sent to the remote servers for detailed analysis of crop, to survey construction sites, or for assessment of damage due to fire, and so on.

FlytOS and FlytPOD will accelerate the development of commercial drones, and will enable drone-makers to provide feature-rich and tightly-integrated systems to their enterprise drone users. “FlytOS is to drones what Android is to Smart Phones. It allows developers build applications that are agnostic to the drone hardware. The same application can be run on any drone, of any shape or size”, says Nitin Gupta, CEO of NavStik Labs. “The powerful APIs bundled with FlytOS, such as Flyt Vision APIs, help in adding computer vision, machine learning, collision avoidance, and other advanced capabilities to drones, making them safer and more reliable”, adds Pradeep Gaidhani, Head R&D at NavStik Labs.

NavStik Labs has started the beta program and is inviting commercial drones-makers for early access to the Flyt platform. They are working closely with their beta customers towards building successful case studies from various domains.

Elizabeth Ciobanu

I cover breaking news in the drone industry, interview experts in the field to learn from them for myself, and to help spread the love of drones.

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