I'm a teacher at high school and I try to tempt my students to the world of Drone!
I studied the beautiful DroneKit framework for talking with my students on this argument. Immediately they tried to develop some little Apps. Here one, that takes the time on laps when you fly with your racing drones (FPV CHRONO RACING). You can download it here, and the code is here.

With one of my friend I opened a small FabLab in Fano, my city, for all people that want to understand on Arduino, Drones, 3D printing, computer Science and so on.
We received help to open by the town hall and the University of Ancona where I have contacts at the Computer Science Department.
I developed 3 drones, one based on the APM2.6 and two on Pixhawk, and I showed them to my students in our classroom and at the FabLab, and also at the University.

My last talk at the University was on the Dronekit framework:
When I told to my students about my passion on the drone's world and when I told them about your story, immediately they wanted to develop Apps with Dronekit and develop their drones.
If some of you is interested to help me to increse the feature of the App is free to do.


Ing. Emanuele Tonucci


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