I think I now know what happened to the French cookbook I ordered from Amazon yonks ago. I was excitedly anticipating its delivery at the end of March, only to be disappointed by its failure to ever arrive.
Instead of being sent by snail mail, it was probably being delivered as part of a test drone flight, conducted by the online merchant. According to my calculations, the piece of machinery was shot down by someone somewhere over Europe who felt they were being spied on when it coasted along overhead.
I guess les Moules Marinières et la Tarte Tatin are just going to have to wait….
I must say I’m also a bit concerned about the news this week that the government has laid down the law on use of drones, unmanned aircraft, on the island. Is that to say that people are now using these things in Cyprus? I know that there is a growing group of enthusiasts and a few specialised merchants peddling drones in Cyprus — as with most places, I suspect. But unless I’m missing something, the skies are as clear as always. Will this soon be a thing of the past?
Anyway, the government has created regulations for two categories of drones; ones which weigh fewer than 3kg that are used non-commercially and do not fly in excess of 50 metres above the ground and those which are used for commercial reasons, weigh more than 3kg and fly from between 50m to 120m into the sky. To use these, you need a licence issued by the state and a ‘handler licence’ from civil aviation.

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