There is another new, large twin motor FPV plane, EVE-2000. It is a great breakthrough for Skywalker to promote such huge aircraft. I will introduce these aircrafts to you now.

The inspiration of EVE2000 derived from thr Movie WALL-E 2000. You can make comparision this aircraft with carton character.It owns unique design from appearance design to inner layout, letting you experience real FPV flying.

Let us see more details of Skywalker EVE-2000.If you have any question, you can contact with me at [email protected]


  • Module design, easy to carry, stable flying, large space, specially parachute cabin, camera slot, flight controller, professional equipment platform.
  • Adopt EPO materials, high strength body and wings ,long time flying.
  • Fast disassembly components and adjustable tail distance structure.
  • Bearing large weight load, keep stability.
  • Seperated layment design, transparant and clear view.


  • Wingspan:2240mm
  • Fuselage length:1270mm
  • Wing area:49dm2
  • Maxium wind resistance: Grade 4
  • Take-off:Hand cast, catapult shot
  • Landing:Parachute landing

Standard configuration

  • Motor:2816KV650*2
  • ESC:40A*2pcs
  • Servo:12g*4pcs
  • UBEC:6-8A
  • Propeller:(9*6/10*6 )*2pcs
  • Battery:5S-6S 10000-16000mah
  • Radio:4CH 4SERVO


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