So, you’re flying a drone in the wilderness and you don’t want to carry a ton of battery packs. What’s a pilot to do? This solar backpack may be the answer!

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From Voltaic Systems:
Voltaic, the creators of the original solar backpack, has gone back to its roots to completely reimagine its iconic pack. Today, the portable power company has set out to raise $24,000 on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter to help ramp up production of the new line.

Maximum Power

The bags are packed with high performance solar panels for maximum power. They also include a battery pack to store power until required. Recharge the battery from solar or from the wall with the included charging cables.

Array Solar Backpack

With an embedded 10 Watts of solar power, the Array is the only backpack capable of powering laptops, DSLR camera, and even drones. Includes a 19,800mAh external battery pack.

OffGrid Solar Backpack

The OffGrid is Voltaic’s streamlined version which provides enough power for a smartphone, tablet, or DSLR camera. It features a 6 Watt solar panel and 4,000mAh battery (optional V44, 12,000mAh battery upgrade).

Functional Design

These bags are designed for photographers, travelers, and explorers of all kinds, and were built to protect the electronics they carry. There is an optional padded insert for cameras, smart pockets for easy charging inside the bag, and a separate quick-access laptop/tablet sleeve. Keep everyday items within reach with external carrying straps, protected top pocket, and expandable water bottle pocket.

Kickstarter Launch

The Array and the OffGrid are available exclusively via Kickstarter now through December 5th. Voltaic will offer special pricing for Kickstarter, including an Early Bird Discount on both bags. Learn more at their Kickstarter page:

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